June 2014

Old Toronto Store Fronts

Toronto Store Front

These colourful storefronts located in Toronto’s downtown east provide a fascinating glimpse back in time.  As Toronto’s inner city neighbourhoods continue to gentrify these unique storefronts will gradually vanish from the street, likely to be replaced by more generic facades. The fascia sign for the Acadia Book Store states that the store was established in 1931!  A small part of Toronto’s history for all still to enjoy.

Palm House

TO_Down Town-6220_bw
I’ve lived in downtown Toronto for over ten years and often walk around the city, either for the joy of walking, or with my dog.  I’m pretty much happy to walk anywhere within the constraints of time and often take my camera with me for the purpose of creating images of Toronto’s architecture and streetscapes, and occasionally people.  Given all my walking around and looking and searching for good photo opportunities, I was shocked to only recently discover Palm House, a small architectural gem located in Allan Gardens in the heart of the city.  Comprising a conservatory with classic proportions and a glass dome, the building was designed by City Architect Robert McCallum and was constructed in 1910.  As might be expected, the building is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.  The conservatory houses a permanent collection of exotic plants and is open to the public. This photograph shows the building bathed in early morning light.  Typically I would prefer side lighting, but the frontal light here seems to work.  As a bonus, the low easterly light creates interesting foreground shadows from the trees behind the camera.